5 Reasons Why you should choose LiFePO4 Prismatic Cells

5 Reasons Why you should choose LiFePO4 Prismatic Cells

LiFePO4 prismatic cells are one of the most popular battery types today, but many people still cannot understand why they should choose prismatic cells. Obviously, cylindrical cells have a longer history and mature production technology. As a more novel battery type, LiFePO4 prismatic cells have strong advantages in many places.

1. Larger Unit Capacity

The frame design of prismatic cells can hold more energy in a single cell than cylindrical cells. This means that it is no longer necessary to use a large number of small cells to make up a relatively large-capacity cell, which is convenient for many people, especially battery DIY enthusiasts and people who need large-capacity projects.

2. Higher Stability

Due to the large single capacity of prismatic cells, this means that it does not require too many cells to reach a rated capacity, and the final result is higher stability and better relative consistency.

3. Higher Security

Due to the influence of production process and design framework, compared with cylindrical cells, LiFePO4 prismatic cells using winding or lamination process will be safer and have higher relative energy efficiency. At the same time, since there is no need to use too many cells to form a battery pack with a rated capacity, the burden on the BMS will be relatively smaller, so that the safety of the battery pack can be better protected.

4. Higher Space Utilization

Due to the square structure of the prismatic cells, it means that each cell can be in close contact, which can effectively save space. This is a very important advantage in usage scenarios like electric vehicles.

5. Lighter Weight

The shell of the LiFePO4 prismatic cell is generally made of an aluminum shell or stainless steel shell, which will be lighter. It will be very important in some specific usage scenarios, such as for RV energy storage.

Nonetheless, LiFePO4 prismatic cells inevitably have some shortcomings, such as the more complex production process, which is a challenge for battery manufacturers, and the high space utilization is sacrificed for some heat dissipation performance. It is worth mentioning that LiFePO4 prismatic cells are currently the main products promoted by many battery manufacturers, such as CATL, EVE… With the blessing of vigorous research, some of their shortcomings of them will be solved one by one, thus becoming a more Premium battery type.

Overall, LiFePO4 prismatic cells are still the most worthwhile battery type to consider buying, because the advantages of prismatic cells are huge in terms of practicality and general availability. As a battery DIY enthusiast, you should not miss it.


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